IOA Consults was set up to draw on a wide range of talents and put them to use, motivating people and removing obstacles in the way of achieving dreams.  We draw on experience in charity work, work with international students, work with people with disabilities, international relations, and much more, and rely on an understanding of legal frameworks, human behaviour, expectations and aspirations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a wide range of services. To treat everyone, or every company with individual care and strive to achieve an excellent outcome. 


My name is Dr Ifeolu Omoniyi Akintunde and I’m the CEO of IOA Consults LTD. I was born in Nigeria in 1967.  While in Nigeria, I got my law degree from the University of Lagos, and the next year, I was called to the Nigerian bar. Then I moved to the United Kingdom, where I got an MA in politics and international relations at the University of Lancaster, and later, my doctorate in politics.